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What is the warranty period on a Voxelcare system? Are all parts of the system covered by the same terms?
The warranty is one year for hardware which covers all parts unless misused. Extended warranties are available.

Yearly software licence fee (for Voxelcare online system) – What type of support can I expect from this?
The Care Pack which is standard with all sales includes:
1.  Automatic online system updates and data backup.
2.  Online support desk.

How quickly will I receive a reply if I need support?
Voxelcare are very quick at responding to support queries and promise to reply within an hour. However, the response time is usually much quicker – most users only wait 5-10 minutes for a response.  

Can the software be used on my mobile phone and tablet?
Yes. The software allows you to work from any computer or mobile device (tablet/phone) with an internet connection. The software can be used via a URL on any device but we recommend it is used on a desktop device.

Is the software difficult to use?
No. The software is simple and easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to be a CAD expert to use it!

Can the software be used with my existing scanner?
Yes. It is an open system so can be used with any hardware. As long as the existing scanner accepts STL files it should be fine.

How long does the milling machine take to mill a pair of orthotics?
It takes 15 minutes on average – 5 minutes for the top and 10 minutes from the bottom.

How long do the orthotics need to be finished once they're milled?
Minimal finishing time required – usually 5 minutes maximum.

Can multiple users use the software at the same time?
Yes. Up to 5 users can use the software at the same time. There are also different user levels with rights and restrictions for sharing data, scanning, CAD designing, CAM production, managing, monitoring. If more users are required, there is a franchise model that can be used where up to 50 users can be using the software at the same time.

Does the system have standard pre-sets for conditions?
Yes. You can also add new ones so it's quick and easy to select the next time.

Is there an overlay of the foot image on the scan?
Yes. Allowing for a complete fit and adjustments on the milled orthotic.  

Can it create a positive mould from other castings?
Yes. The scanner can also digitise a positive mould, from e.g. a foam box.

Are there finance options available for the voxelcare system?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss the financing options available to you.

Is delivery and installation included in the price?
Yes. Delivery, installation and 2 days training are included in the price.

What after-sales support can I expect?
Product training will be provided on installation of your Voxelcare System. 1st Line Software Advice and Support is accessed directly through the software with a direct connection to the Voxelcare Service Team.

Hardware issues are managed by Algeos in the UK who can arrange site visits to repair your installation or arrange collection of equipment if anything goes wrong.


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