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Podiatry nail drills are commonly used by podiatrists and foot health practitioners for conducting routine foot and nail care. Podiatry drills are used for a range of ailments like corn treatment and damaged nails that have occured to to bacterial infection or lifestyle choices.

Algeos supply a varied range of Podiatry drills at different price points. Premium, great looking drills, workhouses that never fail and large range of accessories such as burrs, caps, mandrels and cleaning solutions. A complete range of podiatry drills and accessories to meet the demands of all podiatrists. 


Podiatry Drills

Range of high specification podiatry drills.

Drill Burs

Drill burs, featuring Diamond, Ruby, Tungsten Carbide & Diabetic.

Domiciliary Equipment

Domicilary bags, cases and portable equipment for the home visit podiatrist.

Sanding Discs & Mandrels

Disposable gritted discs and mandrels. Choice of sizes and grits.

Abrasive Caps and Mandrels

Available in 4 sizes and 2 grits. Suitable for use on nails, hard skin & calluses.

SwissFile Caps

The disposable sterile abrasive Swiss File Caps allow you to work...


Aortha Medium Density EVA - 340 (A50)

Most commonly used EVA in the industry.

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

For quick modification and patient customisation.


Abrasive Footcare Discs

Replaceable sanding paper discs,. They adhere easily and secure...


Neosorb Covering Material

Well known and widely used material. Expanded black neoprene wit...