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Aortha Bench Grinder

Designed for the production and the adaption of footwear and foot orthotics, with polishing and grinding options out of the box.  

aortha CoolSorb Insoles

Advanced in-shoe temperature management insoles for cooling and comfort. CoolSorb allow for a cool, moisture free, in-shoe environment, that relieve foot pain, as well as keeping your shoes odour free.

Aortha EVA High Density - 6mm - Grey

Shore A65 (450) EVA. Extremely firm and rigid, yet it is easily mouldable. 

Aortha EVA Low Density - 190

This material is very versatile due to its soft yet durable properties.

Aortha EVA Low-Medium Density - 260 (A35)

Offers the benefits of the medium density and the softness of the low density material

Aortha EVA Very Low Density - 120

This extremely soft material has good rebound properties, making it a good choice for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Aortha Flex Sheeting

Flexible, transparent material made from an EVA and LDPE mix (76% LDPE 24% EVA).

Aortha High Density EVA - 450

Extremely firm and rigid, yet it is easily mouldable.

Aortha LDPE Sheeting

Low density polyethylene.

Aortha Medium Density EVA - 340

The most commonly used EVA and provides properties expected from a standard foam material.

Aortha Orthazolve

Thinner with a high solvent content for thinning of Neoprene adhesives.

Aortha PE500 - Natural 4mm

Lightweight, high density polyethylene.

Aortha PPC - Beige (Flesh) - 4.5mm

Suitable for applications where impact strength and heat resistance is important. Sheet Size: 2.4m x 1.22m

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