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Introduction to Voxelcare

Voxelcare are a software and hardware engineering company with over 20 years experience in the development of industrial applications ranging from special purpose CAD/CAM systems. This includes contact and non contact 3D scanning devices, 2D scanning devices, industrial vision and CNC systems for different kind of machines.

As a response of the foot care market needs, Voxelcare have developed an integrated system based on measurement, design, production and marketing, focused on portability, easy to use and fully automated production.

For the last 10 years Voxelcare has been the leader of online CAD/CAM technology. Their number one online scanning, designing and manufacturing solutions for the provision of custom foot orthotics are the most used systems worldwide. In-house development has enabled Voxelcare to respond to the individual needs of businesses of any size.

Algeos has been in the CAD Orthotic market for over 15 years and been at the forefront of innovation in this area in terms of materials. Advancements in technology and finding the right partners to work with is critical to our success, Voxelcare is the perfect partner to help us and our customers lead in this space. This solution allows clinicians and technicians to be able to quickly design and adapt devices in real-time to gain competitive advantage and improve margins.

Being an online system, data is accessible at any time, from everywhere in the World, allowing for more efficient collaboration, flexible workflow and less software problems. Designed to save clinicians and technicians time and money in their businesses and healthcare departments.

Voxelcare and Algeos are working together to develop the solution for the future. The development roadmap includes additive manufacturing (3D printing), hand held scanning solutions and also a program to design bespoke sandals.
The system is completely customisable on customer demand with regards to; patient information,
type of products, CAD design options, CAM milling options, system aesthetics, etc.

A system from A-Z (measuring/scanning, designing, production, semi-outsourcing, logistics, payment, etc). So not only a CAD design and CAM milling programme but also a key program in running your healthcare department nad business.

Online direct support and training is available remotely or at your location.

Multiple users can access data and work with the system at same time from different locations.

Always works with the latest version of the system (and no manual installation updates needed from CD).

As the system is used in different countries by different users and professions, the system is constantly evolving based on the input and new requirements of its users.

The Voxelcare system is based on extended market research, looking at existing CAD/CAM system users around the world who provided input on how the ideal system should look and work based on their experiences (good and bad).
Work from any computer or mobile device (tablet/phone) with an internet connection. The system can also be developed to work offline and hosted locally.


Aortha Orthafix Spray Adhesive

Aortha Orthafix Spray Adhesive

Ultimate strength adhesive for permanent bonding. 


Aortha Medium Density EVA - 340 (A50)

Most commonly used EVA in the industry.

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

For quick modification and patient customisation.


Neosorb Covering Material

Well known and widely used material. Expanded black neoprene wit...