Slimflex Simple - Medium Density 3/4 Orthotic


Slimflex Simple - Medium Density 3/4 Orthotic 

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Highly versatile 3/4 length medium density (50 shore) EVA device.

Medium Density (Shore A50)
A great all-rounder. Offers an ‘average’ level of support and control which can be increased if required when using wedging.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for quick and effective chairside fitting, the Slimflex Simple is an excellent, cost-effective orthotic.
  • Integrated first metatarsal cut-out to facilitate the Windlass Mechanism.
  • Metatarsal raise and sustentaculum tali support.
  • Flat base for adhering wedging.
  • Deep heel cup for greater control.
  • Fully heat mouldable and grindable.

Indications & When to use:

  • Due to the level of customisation that is achievable with the Slimflex Simple, the treatment options with this device are endless.
  • Slimflex Simple is recommended where the speed of orthotic turnaround is of prime importance and where chairside treatment is the chosen solution to biomechanical pathologies.

Customisation Options:

  • Heat mouldable and grindable, the Slimflex Simple allows for quick modification and patient customisation. The flat base also allows for postings.
  • Simple medial and lateral posts.
  • Heel lift additions.
  • Metatarsal raise/bar additions.
  • Arch and rearfoot reinforcements.
  • Shape modification.



Size Chart:

Size Size UK Size EU

Length from Posterior

heel to 1st MPJ Bisection*

Childs Small 12 - 13.5 30 - 32 12-13.5cm
Childs Large 1 - 2.5 33 - 35 13-14.5cm
X-Small 3 - 4.5 36 - 38 14-15.5cn
Small 5 - 6.5 39 - 40 15-16.5cm
Medium 7 - 8.5 41 - 42 16-17.5cm
Large 9 - 10.5 43 - 44 17-18.5cm
X-Large 11 - 12.5 45 - 48 19-19.5cm
XX-Large 13 - 14.5 49 - 51 19-21cm

*This sizing guide gives you the size that would extend anteriorly to the first metatarso phalangeal joint line. Choosing the matching length and one size smaller will give you the best fitting options.

Our full library of Slimflex Modification videos is available to view on our youtube channel

Slimflex Simple insoles are designed to provide basic support and cushioning for the feet and are commonly used for the following purposes:
Arch Support: These insoles provide some level of arch support, helping to maintain proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the arches. This support can be helpful for individuals with mild to moderate arch issues or flat feet.
Pressure Redistribution: Slimflex Simple EVA insoles help distribute pressure more evenly across the feet, reducing excessive pressure on specific areas such as the heels or balls of the feet.
Mild Foot Pain: These insoles can offer relief for individuals with mild foot pain, such as discomfort from standing or walking for extended periods.
Everyday Use: Slimflex Simple EVA insoles are suitable for everyday use in various types of footwear, including casual shoes, athletic shoes, and work shoes.
It's important to note that Slimflex Simple EVA insoles are not as customized or specialized as prescription orthotics or some other types of off-the-shelf orthotic products. They are designed to provide basic comfort and support for individuals with general foot discomfort or mild foot issues and can be adapted to be more fucntional, and bespoke to the patient. 


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