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All Gel Bunion Shield

The Hallux Bunion Shield is made for the big toe and the Tailor’s Bunion Shield is made for the little toe.

All Gel Digital Cap (Pack of 2)

Traditional shape for relieving pressure and friction on toes or fingers. Pack of 2.

Diaped Trisorb Insoles

Designed for patients with sensitive feet. 

Digital Caps (Pack of 6)

Stretchable fabric cap fully coated with gel. Pack of 6.

EVA Tapered Heel Lift

Tapered for instant use. 

Evalon Heel Raise Strips (Shore A50)

Tapered raise strip manufactured from medium density EVA.

Feet In Motion Kids 5 Degree Post

Supplied pre-posted saving you manufacturing time and money.

Fleecy Web

A Semi-elastic hypoallergenic adhesive padding made of 100% velvet cotton.

Gel Achilles Heel Protector

The Achilles Heel Pad is a lightweight, comfortable, toeless sleeve that comforts, cushions, and protects the Achilles area.

Gel Mesh Sleeve (Fully Coated) - 76mm

Helps to reduce friction, abrasion and shear force

Gel Toe Separator (Pack of 15)

Gel Toe Separators align and straighten toes with gentle, constant pressure.  Pack of 15

Gel Toe Spreader (Pack of 4)

Gel Toe Spreaders align and straighten toes with gentle, constant pressure. Pack of 4.

Gel Tubing - Ribbed Knit - Pack of 2

Ribbed knit and gel mesh tubes are fully lined with medical grade mineral oil gel to provide all-round digital protection while absorbing shock.

Grey Poron Insoles - (universal Size)

Universally cut, these insoles come with a size card for you to trim to your own individual shoe size.

Kids Feet in Motion 3 Degree Post

A great time and money saver for those treating pronation and supination in children.

Kids Feet in Motion Standard - Neutral/Non-corrective

Offering support, correction or a combination of both.

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