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Aortha Plastics

Aortha plastics are designed for use in Orthotic and Prosthetic appliance manufacture.

Aortha Orthotic Coverings

High quality covering materials for the use in orthotic manufacture and footwear to suit every requirement and budget

Aortha Plastazote

Plastazote is standard for Orthotic linings. It is readily washable, discourages bacterial growth and has good thermal properties

Aortha EVA & Foams

High quality EVA sheeting and plastics used for a variety of purposes throughout the orthopaedic industry.

Aortha Machinery

Compact, efficient and highly versatile grinding machines for the busy Podiatry, O&P or Footwear workshop.

Aortha Glues and Adhesives

These versatile bonding solutions will securely fix and material commonly used in the O&P manufacturing process.





Aortha Medium Density EVA - 340 (A50)

Most commonly used EVA in the industry.

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

For quick modification and patient customisation.


Abrasive Footcare Discs

Replaceable sanding paper discs,. They adhere easily and secure...


Neosorb Covering Material

Well known and widely used material. Expanded black neoprene wit...