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Orthotic Material Selection

10 Aug 2023

Main characteristics of orthotic materials and the different materials used for orthotic manufacture.

Are aesthetically pleasing insoles more patient compliant?

25 Jul 2023

Do patients prefer more aesthetically pleasing orthotics?

Chairside Orthotic Adaption Explained

7 Jul 2023

Orthotic Components provide the clinician with the option of making simple or complicated ‘base insoles’ with minimum effort. 

What is: The Slimflex Range

1 Jul 2023

The ultimate first line treatment at an affordable price!

First Line Orthotic Treatment Explained

20 Jun 2023

Some key aspects of first line orthotic treatment.

Welcome back to Australia Vicki!

27 Apr 2023

We are excited to announce that Vicki has now returned to Algeos Australia, bringing her passion, energy and expertise. Welcome back Vicki

A guide to creating the most effective orthotics

26 Apr 2023

A range of materials for manufacturing functional foot orthotics. 

Australian Podiatry Conference 2023

23 Mar 2023

See you there! 

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