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Why every podiatrist needs modifiable chairside insoles

30 Apr 2024
While bespoke options for orthotics may be used for some patients, off-the shelf insoles such as Slimflex and Interpod, are incredibly versatile and are beneficial to both patient and podiatrist.

How do therapeutic insoles support diabetes and pressure relief?

30 Mar 2024

The design of therapeutic insoles takes into consideration the specific needs of diabetic individuals.

Slimflex Simple Modification Hub Now Live!

20 Feb 2024

Modification techniques video library.

January Sale 2024

10 Jan 2024

January online specials. While Stocks last! 

Orthotic Material Selection

10 Oct 2023

Main characteristics of orthotic materials and the different materials used for orthotic manufacture.

Are aesthetically pleasing insoles more patient compliant?

25 Sep 2023

Do patients prefer more aesthetically pleasing orthotics?

Chairside Orthotic Adaption Explained

7 Aug 2023

Orthotic Components provide the clinician with the option of making simple or complicated ‘base insoles’ with minimum effort. 

What is: The Slimflex Range

1 Jul 2023

The ultimate first line treatment at an affordable price!

First Line Orthotic Treatment Explained

20 Jun 2023

Some key aspects of first line orthotic treatment.

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