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Babinski Reflex Hammer

Designed for testing reflexes and the nervous system. 

Diabetic Foot Models

Diabetic Foot Models demonstrating the diabetic foot at different stages.

Diaped Duosoft Flow Insoles

The Duosoft Flow’s design combines the latest gel technology with the tried and trusted qualities of Medical Grade PORON® 96.

Diaped Duosoft Plus

Our most popular therapeutic insole.

Diaped Duosoft Therapeutic

Provides cushioning, accommodation and absorbency.

Diaped Flux-200 Vascular Doppler with 8Mhz Probe

Used to detect and evaluate blood flow.

Diaped Lesionometer

Simple, but very useful tool for measuring lesion and ulcer size.

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand for Twin Tip

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand is for use with the Diaped Twin-Tip® Device

Diaped Retractable Monofilament - 10g

Monofilaments are designed to test the loss of sensation in the feet of diabetic patients.

Diaped Solesee

Solesee is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions. 

Diaped Trisorb Insoles

Designed for patients with sensitive feet. 

Diaped Twin Tip

Dual combination diagnostic device for testing thermal discrimination and sensory perception. 

Disposable Monofilaments - Pack of 20

Reliable, cost effective method of testing for the presence or absence of protective sensation.

Tuning Fork 10" Rydel-Seiffer C 64/C 128 Hz - 254mm

Ideal for sensory testing for your patients suffering from diabetes and screens those who maybe susceptible to high risk foot complications.

Tuning Fork 9" Gardiner Brown C 128 Hz

Designed for the accurate diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy.