Otoform KC


Otoform KC 

Reference : OG2001

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Otoform is an impression silicone used for moulding interdigital wedges, separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints. It is a soft and easily kneadable impression material, which when used with the 'catalyst hardening paste' achieves a putty-like consistency.

It remains in this form for a period of time ranging from 1-5 minutes. During which, the practitioner can fabricate a device into shape before setting begins.

The non-greasy formula is particularly pleasant to handle and popular with patients.

Features & Benefits
• Soft, kneadable silicone impression material/putty and ‘catalyst hardening paste’ 2% to achieve a putty-like consistency.
• Kneadable, smooth and non-sticky with a slightly pressure-forming consistency for superior fitting.
• Separate tub and hardener. Putty tub approx. 500g, hardener approx. 25g tube
• Fast total processing and setting time (up to 5 minutes) during which the device can be fabricated into shape before setting begins.
• Final hardness: 30 ± Shore A
• Includes hardner paste and dosing spoon.
Technical characteristics:
Materials: Vulcanising silicone
Dimensions: 12cm x 11cm x 11cm
Colour: Pink when set.
Indications for use:
• Impression material can be used on various areas of the body.
• Moulding of interdigital wedges, separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints.
Restrictions for use:
• Do not use on open wounds or broken skin.
• Contains Dioctyltinacetylacetonate. May produce an allergic reaction.
• Contains Paraffin oil, waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes. This is a substance with a Community workplace exposure limit.
Instructions of use:
• Mix both components until a uniform pink colour is achieved. Mold to the desired area and allow to set.
Care/ Storage Instructions:
• Keep container closed tightly when not in use at room temperature (18°C - 28°C).
Packaging and product disposal:
Dispose of empty bags and product in accordance with local Environment Agency Regulations.
This product contains markings on the packaging.

Silicone Modelling with Otoform

Below are some examples of appliances that can be made quickly and easily with Otoform. Each type of silicone requires different rations of putty and catalyst, so please refer to individual manufacturers recommended guidelines prior to use.


Includes hardner paste and dosing spoon.

Note packaging may be red or grey - Product remains the same.


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