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Physio & Rehab

Physio equipment is used to treat individuals who have suffered an injury, illness or suffer disability, to help them restore movement and function to muscles, joints, tendons etc. 

Physiotherapy allows the patient to take recovery into their own hands. Under the direction of physiotherapists, at home physio equipment such as massage balls and resistance bands can be excellent for recovery from injury and for building strength, without the need to visit a medical center. 
Whether you need resistance bands to build strength or a balance dome dome for joint mobilization and balance training, we offer a range of products aproved and recommended by physiotherapist.
Algeos provides you with an exciting brand offering high quality, affordable, fun and easy to use products to help with the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy process.  Within this range you will find our own branded physio and rehab products by Physioworx. 


Foam Rollers

These work great with stretches and deep tissue massage for those aching muscles.

Balance Therapy

A range of balance therapy aids to help retrain proprioception after injury.

Stretching Aids

Stretching helps to decrease the risk of injury during physical exercise.

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy tools offer variable resistance training for hands, fingers, wrists and forearms.

Pilates & Yoga Equipment

Balance, stability and core function products for fitness and rehabilitation.

Exercise Bands & Tubing

Most commonly prescribed for rehabilitation, conditioning and strength training.

Massage Therapy

Designed to stimulate the blood circulation & massage muscles.

Physio & Rehab

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Physio & Rehab

 32inch - Extra Long Shoe Horn

32inch - Extra Long Shoe Horn

This 32 Inch shoe horn (our biggest ever) is ideal for people with bending and mobility problems.


17" Shoe Horn (Shoe lifts)

Long-handled 17” plastic shoe horns help to manoeuvre the foot into boots or shoes.


Aortha Medium Density EVA - 340 (A50)

Most commonly used EVA in the industry.

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

Slimflex Simple - High Density Full Length Orthotic

For quick modification and patient customisation.


Abrasive Footcare Discs

Replaceable sanding paper discs,. They adhere easily and secure...


Neosorb Covering Material

Well known and widely used material. Expanded black neoprene wit...