Leather-Tec Orthotic Covering Rolls


Leather-Tec Orthotic Covering Rolls 

Description :

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Clean, waste reducing, convenient solution for foot orthotic and insole covers

Leather-Tec is a NEW microfibre lining material that looks and feels like real leather. Leather-Tec is 100% breathable and has many of the advanced properties of modern synthetic materials. Leather-Tec has an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water, offers maximum comfort and total drying inside the shoe.


Features and Benefits:

• Absorption - desorption = total dryness.

• Antibacterial.

• Antimicrobial.

• Thermoregulatory effect.

• High resistance to tearing.

• Easy to work with and bond.

• Hypoallergenic.

• Washable (up to 95°C without shrinking, while maintaining all of its properties).

• 100% Breathable.

• Ecological Manufacturing system free of CO2 .

• Free of Chrome VI.

10 metre rolls. 

Washable and cleanable

This microfibre can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C without shrinking or altering its technical qualities. Recyclable Leather-Tec 100% recyclable. Being made from a polyester, it does not produce any damage to the environment and can be recycled.

Tested and verified

The results tests in independent laboratories guarantee the technical qualities of this technical fabric. Compliance and quality guaranteed.

NEW Covering Dispensers now available. Maintain a tidy and safe workshop. Reduce waste on dirty and damaged materials.


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