Medium Density EVA - Black/Purple


Medium Density EVA - Black/Purple 

Thickness :

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aortha offers multi-coloured EVA in low and medium densities. These are suitable for orthotic linings, were the end product is required to be appealing.
These materials are often used in children’s orthotics. The properties of the multi-coloured EVA are the same as the aortha Medium and Low density properties.
• Low/Medium density insoles.
• Top cover for insoles 2mm or 3mm.
• Insoles, AFO lining, KAFO lining and DAFO lining.
• Suitable for Cad-Cam milling
• Good for patients who suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions.
Processing Notes:
• Very soft material most commonly used for lining insoles.
• Used as a pad on an insole or AFO to relieve pressure.

• Easy to mold and has more durability than Plastazote®.

Sheet Size: 100cm x 100cm


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