Voxelcare VCP4000 Pressure Plate


Voxelcare VCP4000 Pressure Plate  

Reference : vx0022

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The VCP4000 Wireless Pressure Plate consist of 4096 pressure sensors. The software offers instant display of the wireless transmitted foot pressure sensor. Immediately after activating the online mode the values appear graphically displayed on the screen.
Within the software, the pressure distribution of a static measurement or dynamic steps can be evaluated using two and three-dimensional display. The user interface for the pressure measuring platform is easy to use, intuitive and graphically the best in its field. Realtime results immediately after switching the software to online mode the values appear as graphical display on the monitor
Fully integrated
The user interface for the pressure measuring platform corresponds to that of the Voxelcare insole system. Pressing the recording button starts the measurement
The recorded pressure load can be evaluated using the display of maximum or average values under the foot. Additionally the movement of the centre of pressure can be evaluated
Persistent data
Every recording is stored on hard disk for each patient so that evaluation at a later time is always possible
Easy to learn
The reduced complexity of the available options to the user make this product very easy to learn
Ideal wireless connection to make an easy, fast and reliable data transmission


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