Voxelcare 3D Laser Scanner

voxelcare 3d laser scanner

Voxelcare 3D Laser Scanner 

Reference : VX0018

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Fast scanning
Scan a foot within 7 seconds from the integrated cloud scanning. Fast, accurate and foot scan data direct available to be used in the online orthotic design software.
3D foot scan with texture
The 3D Laser Foot Scanner combines the best of 3D and 2D scanning. The scanner generates 3D foot shape files including the foot texture. This makes the scanner a perfect scanner for clinical (diabetic foot) applications or shop environment.
Scan how you want
The versatile scanner allows you to capture data directly from the patient's foot in weight, semi-weight or non-weight bearing position. This makes the scanner even suited for patients who cannot stand on the scanner.
Mobile 3D scanner
With a weight of only 11.1 kg and its slim dimensions the Voxelcare 3D Laser Foot Scanner is perfectly suited as a mobile scanning device.
Dimension: 296 x 632 x 96 mm
Weight: 11.1 kg
Scanning time: Less than 7 sec.
Accuracy: 0.25 mm
Scans everything: For foam boxes, insoles, positives (lasts, plaster moulds) and other objects
Efficient and timesaving: Scans and digitises your desired object in a simple and effective way in less than 7 sec.
Accesible: Scan from any location as the system works online
Online: Scanned files go directly into your user account
Secured: All data is stored online, backed-up on a secured account
Easy setup: Online installation, all configuration and setup data are stored in your account
Updates: Always up-to-date


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