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Design orthotics in the cloud
The online Voxelcare insole CAD design software is an easy to use and powerful tool to design any type of foot orthotic. Accommodative and corrective orthotics manufactured in EVA, rigid polypropylene materials and positive moulds (vacuum molding) are possible.
Innovative two-sided designing
There are almost no limits in the designing, orthotics are designed in a very efficient way on top and bottom side. The two-sided milling assures the highest possible and consistent quality, that the orthotic will fit perfectly to any shoe type and manual finishing time is saved. The simplicity of the program is combined with a flexibility that allows the users ideas and craftsmanship to be applied in the orthotic design.
Use your data
Orthotics can be designed from Voxelcare scanners or from your own 2D, 3D or pressure scanner. You can start from 3D scan data or use standardised 3D insole templates that are stored in your own library. These can all be combined with other data such as foot pressure sensor data.
Extended library
A wide range of corrective, supportive or offload modules can be loaded from the library, modified and applied to the orthotic.
#1 online CAD/CAM system for orthotics
The Voxelcare orthotics CAD design program has been developed on 18 years of market experience being a manufacturing and distributor of CAD/CAM products combined with having own orthotics manufacturing facilities. Over these years our worldwide customers (orthopaedic specialists, orthotists, podiatrists, etc) have given input to what is now the leading online CAD/CAM system for orthotics.
Online support
Our support team is ready to give you instant help through remote access. Online training sessions will clarify all your doubts and questions.
Order management
With our integrated system you can improve the managing of your production (orders). Real time tracking of design changes, orders, deliveries, payments, etc. Voxelcare online insole CAD CAM will save time and money in your organization.
Cloud based
Work with one single database, available for you or anyone who you decide within your organization, forgetting drawbacks derived from data loss and backup headaches.


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