Voxelcare 2D Scanner


Voxelcare 2D Scanner  

Reference : VX0014
Product Features:
The 2D Foot Scanner features a large scanning area, meaning that is can scan effectively up to US size 60. 
The 2D Foot Scanner is low-weight (12kg) and has a scanning time of just 10 seconds.  
The 2D Foot Scanner is always up-to-date with the latest software version because of the direct online update.

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The 2D foot scanner allows you to scan and analyse feet in 2D. Efficient scanning within ten seconds and high quality output. This makes it the perfect scanning device for your clinic or on shop floor.
The 2D scan software can give information of the customer's feet such as: foot length, foot width, foot type (normal, pronation, supination), pressure areas (pressure mode) and shoe sizing.


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