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DARCO Air Traveler Walker

Features a circumferential air bladder that provides the ultimate compression and security for the wearer.

DARCO All Purpose Boot

Used for the treatment of the diabetic and insensitive foot or as a post-operative boot and is available in either a flat or rocker sole version. 

DARCO Body Armour Cast Shoe

Provides the ultimate cast protection in a new modern design.

Darco FX Pro Walker

The lowest profile walker on the market and easily matches the heel height of most shoes.

Darco Heelwedge Shoe

Offloads the heel by shifting weight to the midfoot to promote faster healing.

DARCO Med-Surg Original

The most popular post-op shoe in the world, often imitated, never duplicated.

Darco Med-Surg ST

Worn to alleviate pain and pressure and to provide protection during the healing proces

DARCO Night Splint

Designed to alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis

DARCO Orthowedge Shoe

Clinically proven to effectively reduce weight bearing pressure from the forefoot to promote proper healing.

DARCO Relief Contour Insole

Perfectly adapted to the shape of the foot and provides optimal pressure redistribution.

DARCO Relief Dual Offloading Shoe

Provides optimal hold and maximum stability due to the high heel cap.

DARCO SlimLine Paediatric

Protect children’s casts from dirt, high loading and strain. 

DARCO Softie Shoe

Economical, post-op shoe indicated for soft tissue trauma or surgery. 

DARCO Toe Alignment Splint

Maintains the correct alignment of the toes during the healing process. NEW Longer metatarsal strap to better accommodate wide feet.

DARCO TwinShoe Balance Shoe

Used to lessen the height discrepancy when wearing an orthopaedic device making walking easier and safer.

DARCO Web Ankle Brace

A convertible ankle brace that provides unparalleled compression - can go from an acute brace to a sports support with a simple adjustment.

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