DARCO Relief Dual Offloading Shoe


DARCO Relief Dual Offloading Shoe 

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The DARCO Relief Dual® revolutionises offloading technology. This Dual sole combines the benefits of an EVA shock absorbing material and the anti-slip features of rubber; for a ground-breaking step in the post-operative treatment for foot care. Breaking from convention, DARCO has increased the surface area of the rigid shank to the entire sole area; maximizing pressure re-distribution while effectively immobilizing the metatarsophalangeal joint I & V (MTP) and the distal interphalangeal joint I & V (DIP).
The Relief Dual® Plus provides optimal hold and maximum stability due to the high heel cap.
The new off-loading shoe is 64% higher than the previous Relief Dual®. This provides orthograde and maximum stable support for the rear foot. The heel cap can be completely opened and flexibly adjusted by the ankle-closing closure. Due to the maximum opening possibility, fittings of voluminous bandages are possible.
Relief Dual® Plus – has even more applications for postoperative management and wound treatment.
The Relief Contour Insole (sold separately in a left or right insole) offers pressure redistribution of up to 90% through contours which are optimally adapted to the anatomy of the foot. Large pressure peaks are completely avoided. The self-supporting polyurethane material quickly recovers its shape & can be trimmed. Dorsal flexion of 2.4 degrees is achieved through the negative heel.
The new PegContour® Insole (sold separately in a left or right insole) is also available to fit the Relief Dual® Plus.
Toe Cap also available as additional purchase (code: WWNVReliefDualTC).
  • Stability, shock absorption and pressure relief after surgical procedures.
  • In combination with the Puzzle Insole®or Relief Contour Insole® and their unique wedge design, the load is displaced away from the forefoot.
  • Accommodates insole replacement (including diabetic-compliant foot bedding)
  • In combination with the PegAssist® creates an interim solution for the diabetic foot in need of urgent care.
  • The new off-loading shoe provides the balance of stability and the reduction of pressure on the foot following foot surgery.
DARCO Relief Dual Off-loading Shoe Features and Benefits:
  • Innovative dual sole technology.
  • Optimal shock absorption.
  • Improved pressure redistribution.
  • Reduction in shear forces.
  • Greater stability.
  • Rigid shank throughout the entire innersole area.
  • Accommodates insole replacement (including diabetic-compliant foot bedding).
Treatment of postoperative forefoot conditions, plantar wounds in the forefoot area and dorsal wounds at the heel.


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