DARCO Web Ankle Brace


DARCO Web Ankle Brace 

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The DARCO Web™ Ankle Brace is a true convertible ankle brace that provides unparalleled compression and can go from an acute brace to a sports support with a simple adjustment - no need to buy two braces.
  • Chronic weak ankles.
  • Post ankle trauma.
  • Postoperative ankle recovery.
  • Prophylactic ankle protection.
  • Ankle support
DARCO Web Ankle Brace Features and Benefits:
  • Bungee Closure provides superior compression and allows for one-handed adjustments on the run.
  • Removable Medial and Lateral Stays are rigid enough to provide controlled restriction of inversion/eversion.
  • Durable Ballistic Nylon Shell is breathable and moulds to the foot for a comfortable fit.
  • High Tech Spacer Material Padding wicks moisture away from foot.
  • Universal Fit allows use on right or left ankle.
  • The brace is constructed of a durable vinyl shell - easy to get in and thin enough to wear with athletic shoes or casual dress shoes.
  • Preventative safeguard from unintentional supination and / or pronation

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