Darco Med-Surg ST


Darco Med-Surg ST 

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The DARCO MedSurg Shoe is intended to be worn to alleviate pain and pressure and to provide protection during the healing process for the foot post-surgery and post trauma.
The MedSurg Shoe with its semi-rigid sole is built around the patented MetaShank™ forefoot support, which provides more rigid control under the metatarsal heads and better protection after osteotomies.
The breathable, mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot and has a reinforced heel counter and padded heel collar to stabilise the rear foot and reduce slippage. The strapless fastening system can be removed and rotated to provide a left or right overlap with an additional ankle strap to give further comfortable fitting. The ankle strap is fully adjustable and can be shortened or lengthened to suit the needs of the individual. Excess strap can be trimmed accordingly. The two forefoot fastening flaps can be pulled and secured across the top of the foot and used in conjunction with the removable hook and loop overpad (with DARCO name badge) to provide a snug and secure fit across the top of the foot. For added off‑loading, the removable Insole can be taken out and fitted with a customised PegAssist® Insole. The MedSurg Shoe can also be fitted with a toe cap which converts this postoperative shoe into a closed toe version. (Sold individually).  We recommend that you do not drive a vehicle while you are wearing this aid. 
  • Used postoperatively for stability and off-loading, e.g. after foot osteotomy procedures


  • 7 sizes available (adults) 1 size available (childrens)
  • Universal fit (left or right)
  • The MedSurg™ can be fitted with the PegAssist ® Insole
  • Patent protected
  • Patented metatarsal shank provides superior control of forefoot motion to ensure post operative healing remains undisturbed. Better protection after osteotomies.
  • Reinforced Padded Heel grips the foot and reduces slippage.
  • Breathable Mesh Upper lightweight material allows for proper ventilation and conforms to bony abnormalities.
  • Extra Long Straps accommodate even the bulkiest dressings.


Size UK Shoe Size Insole Width Insole Length
Mens Small up to 8 10.5 cm 26.0 cm
Mens Medium 8.5 – 10 11.0 cm 27.5 cm
Mens Large 10.5 – 12 11.5 cm 29.0 cm
Mens X-Large 12.5 – 14 12.5 cm 31.0 cm
Womens Small up to 4 9.0 cm 23.5 cm
Womens Medium 4.5 – 5.5 9.5 cm 24.5 cm
Womens Large 6 – 7.5 10.0 cm 26.0 cm
Please note: Measurements based on insole dimensions


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