Nylon Chafe

Nylon Chafe

Nylon Chafe 

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Nylon chafes are commonly used in the manufacture of custom orthotic straps. These straps are essential for various orthotic devices, including ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs), back supports, and knee braces.


What Are Nylon Chafes?

Nylon chafes are small components made from durable nylon material.

They are designed to prevent friction and wear between orthotic straps and the patient’s skin.

These chafes act as protective barriers, ensuring that the straps do not cause discomfort or skin irritation.



Sold in bags of 100 units.

Frequently used in conjunction with other orthotic materials.

Easy to affix to custom-made orthoses.

Commonly used with front straps for secure fastening on AFOs and other devices.

White nylon plastic chafes are moulded onto nickel-plated steel rings, making them sturdy and reliable.


How They Work:

Orthotists and clinicians attach nylon chafes to orthotic straps using rivets or other fastening methods.

The chafes create a smooth surface between the strap and the patient’s skin, reducing friction.

By preventing chafing and irritation, they enhance patient comfort and compliance.


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