Vacuum Pump


Vacuum Pump 

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This series of vacuum pumps are a line of 100% Oil-less, rotary vane. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis throughout a pressure range from atmospheric pressure to 25.5 Inches Hg.

Each unit is a direct drive pump and is supplied with a TEFC electric motor. Each unit is equipped with an inlet filter, a vacuum regulating valve, discharge silencer, and vibration isolators as standard equipment, all of which are an integral part of the vacuum pump.

The VT vacuum pump is ideal for applications where air is the gas and where the discharge must be totally free of oil. Very low maintenance requirements, long vane life, and low noise levels are key features of these pumps.

• 100% Oil-less operation
• Quiet
• Cool operation
• Long vane life
• Inlet filters included
• Discharge silencers
• Direct drive
• Vacuum regulators included
• Minimal maintenance
• Continuous duty rated


Technical Data for VTE 1.0:
Suction Max. Vacuum Max. Vacuum Max. Motor Weight
Air Rate [mbar abs.] [mbar rel.] Capacity [kW] [kg]
10-12 150 / 150 850 / -850 0.37 / 0.45 16


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