Poron Medical 4708 (Blue) Abraded Both Sides (2AB)

Poron Medical 4708 (Blue) Abraded Both Sides (2AB)

Poron Medical 4708 (Blue) Abraded Both Sides (2AB) 

Thickness :

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PORON® Medical urethanes are engineered, medium density, microcellular (cells are roughly 100 microns) foam material. They are commonly used in orthopaedic and prosthetic applications, including custom orthotics, custom prefabricated orthotics, prosthetic padding and other biomechanical supports.
Developed for the footcare industry, Poron 4708 has passed numerous medical assessments for biological response.
PORON 4708 is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and performs to criteria similar to those of other PORON products while also satisfying professionals needs for a soft tissue supplement.
PORON 4708 soft cushioning materials have a density of 15 pounds per cubic foot, and are available from Algeos in thicknesses of 1mm - 6.5mm.
Poron 4708 Applications:
  • Footbeds 
  • Covered foot orthotics
  • Sockliners.
  • Tongue padding.
  • Collar cushions.
  • Ankle pads.
  • Cushion counters.
  • Shock absorbing footpads.
Poron 4708 Features:
  • Long-term Comfort
  • Compression-set Resistance
  • Open Cell – Breathable
  • Microcellular Structure
  • Fungal Resistant
This material has received USP Class VI Certification. This Certification (USP 23, 1995, for Class VI Plastic -- 70 C) is a standard test for biological response. The test demonstrates that medical grade PORON materials do not produce biological responses.
Colour: Blue.
Sheet size: 1370 x 1000mm.

Type: Abraded both sides.




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