Lunasoft Sl - 3mm - Black (col. 81) - Large Sheet


Lunasoft Sl - 3mm - Black (col. 81) - Large Sheet 

Reference : OG1421

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Lunasoft sheeting is characterised by an excellent workability, especially in terms of easy grinding, bonding, and thermoplastic mouldability.                                            
•   Ideal top cover material                                                                  
•   Lightweight, resilient, and dimensionally stable                                          
•   Washable and hygienic thanks to the closed cell structure
Material features: 
•   Thickness: 3mm                         
•   Sheet Dimensions: 1140mm x 740mm       
•   Colour: Black                           
•   Hardness: approx. 40 Shore A           
•   Density: approx. 200 kg/m3             
•   Thermoformable at 120-170 degrees C.
 Sheet size: 1280mm X 890mm (may vary). 


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