Medstock Super Absorbent Dressing

Medstock Super Absorbent Dressing

Medstock Super Absorbent Dressing 

Size :

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A conforming negative pressure dressing that offers excellent absorbency in moderate to very high exudate wounds.

Product Performance:

  • Non-adherent conforming dressing
  • Maintains moist wound healing and oxygen gas exchange whilst preventing maceration
  • Offers cushioned healing for ulcers aiding pain management
  • Specially designed moisture retention system which can absorb up to 40 times its dry weight
  • Can maintain up to 20 times its own weight under 40mmHg compression


  • Moderate to heavy exudative wounds
  • Moderate to heavy bleeding wounds
  • All grades of ulcers
  • Post surgical wound sites
  • Partial thickness burns
  • Works well under compression


Available in sizes 10cm x 10cm and 10cm x 15cm

10 Pieces per box



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