Lunatec Combi 3

Lunatec Combi 3

Lunatec Combi 3 

Reference : OG7123
Product Features:
  Lunalastik Lunasoft SLW
Density 0.23g/cm³ 0.20g/cm³
Hardness 25 Shore A 30 Shore A
Colour 07 Flesh 19 Stone
Thickness 6mm 10mm


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Nora Lunatec Combi sheets are vulcanised compositions of permanently bonded nora EVA. Lunatec Combi sheets consist of two different materials vulcanised together. This guarantees secure appliance strength, without the need for bonding.

  • No gluing required - hence increased manufacturing efficiency.
  • No displacement of materials when processing.
  • Higher retention volume because no deep drawing required.

The composite sheets are thermoformable between 120°–130°C / 248°–266°F.

Areas of application: Foot beds for orthopaedic shoes and foot orthotics.

Sheet size: 870 x 580mm.


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