Blue Aortha EVA CAD-CAM Blocks


Blue Aortha EVA CAD-CAM Blocks 

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Raw material requirements for CAD-CAM differ from traditional manufacturing. The need for foams and plastics in different formats, dimensions and densities has forced material manufacturers to adapt their offerings, and is the catalyst behind the development of the aortha CAD-CAM range. aortha CAD-CAM material provides the orthotic lab with the largest number of appliance options available.
Materials sold with some CAD-CAM systems (some under contract)c an be very expensive and restrictive in hindering your design flexibility. Aortha materials provide you with full design flexibility, a vast choice of material combinations and most importantly, major cost savings.
aortha EVA CAD-CAM Blocks are truly versatile and offer full manufacturing flexibility. Devices manufactured from EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) are lightweight, shock absorbing and very hard wearing. EVA orthotics also retain their shape and reflect body heat.
EVA is an excellent material for use as an appliance base for a covered CAD-CAM foot orthotic or alone as the finished device. A higher density gives more control of the foot while lower densities offer increased comfort.
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