BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Removal


BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Removal 

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The BladeFLASK is simple to use with a quick “push, click, and pull” action to remove and contain used scalpel blades.
BladeFLASK is secured by a reusable mounting bracket, which means you do not have to hold or brace the BladeFLASK when in use. The bracket enables the BladeFLASK to be positioned at point-of-use (wall, bench, or trolley mounted), making single-hand blade removal, containment, and disposal as simple as ‘push and click’.
*Note: BladeFLASK Bracket is sold separately (NV4202)
BladeFLASK Features & Benefits:
  • Simple to use with a quick “push, click, and pull” action.
  • Can prevent up to 5 times more injuries than a safety scalpel.
  • low-cost alternative to safety scalpels for all scalpel users.
  • Auto shut-off: BladeFLASK has a built-in counter with a shut-off mechanism that activates automatically after 100 blades have been removed. There is no danger of overfilling.
  • Sharps container: BladeFLASK is a puncture proof sharps container. 
Regulatory requirements:
BladeFLASK conforms with the following regulatory requirements:
  • UN Transport UN3921.
  • British Standard BS7320:1990.
Technical Specifications:
  • (L)11cm x (W)9cm x (H)14cm.
  • Weight: 250g appx.


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