Diaped Solesee

Diaped Solesee

Diaped Solesee 

Reference : NV9991

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Solesee is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions.
If you suffer from diabetes- or any other medical condition that means your feet are classed as ‘highrisk’ - then you should be checking your feet every day. If you inspect the underneath of your feetdaily, you can pick up on any potential skin damage and thereforeseek medical help quickly. However, looking underneath your feet can in itself pose challenges!

Developed with input from both podiatrists and patients, with high risk feet conditions, Solesee has been designed to make checking your feet as easy as possible at home, away on business or on holiday.

With a light, shatterproof mirror, Solesee folds into a discrete and easy to carry iPad sized folder that fits into a large handbag or briefcase. Wherever you go, Solesee can go with you!

Solesee is designed and manufactured in the UK

Weight: 580g

Dimensions 236 x 190 x 17mm



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