Ingrowing Toenail Trainee Pack - Trainer Edition


Ingrowing Toenail Trainee Pack - Trainer Edition 

Reference : NV3300

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Teaches the essential skills and techniques required in the application of tourniquet and wedge exision of an ingrowing toenail.

Topics covered:

- Instrument Management
- Application of the tourniquet
- Wedge exision of nail
- Phenolisation of the nail bed
- Dressing the toe

Trainer Editions save the trainer from preparing presentation slides and handouts, and compiling video sequences.

Package supplied:

- 1 CD ROM containing:
- Ingrowing Toenail Trainee Program.
- Ingrowing Toenail Training Program.
- Printable ODF files of trainee handouts.

A4 ring binder containing:

- Information on the medical skills training system.
- Training support materials, program installation, using the trainee and trainer programs.
- Copies of the trainee handout sheets.


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