Aortha High Density EVA - 450


Aortha High Density EVA - 450 

Weight : 3 kg
Colour/Thickness :

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High density EVA is extremely firm and rigid, yet it is easily mouldable . This offers clinicians with the ability to create strong, hard wearing orthotics with ease.

Mouldable between 120°C and 170°C with an average oven time of 2 minutes per mm.
• Heel stabilizer.
• Heel lift.
• To produce a TCI (total contact insole) & FFO (fully functional orthoses).
• Orthopaedic footwear mid sole.
• Correctional wedges.
• Shoe lifts
• Block heels
• Wedge bottoms
• Rigid insoles
• A variety of commercial uses
Processing Notes:
• Mainly used to support the weight bearing areas of an orthoses.
• Used with heavier patients who would break down lower density products.
Sheet Size: 100cm x 80cm.
Shore A65 High density EVA.


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