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Babinski Reflex Hammer

Generally used for testing for reflexes.

Diaped Duosoft Flow Insoles

Duosoft Flow insoles help to promote blood flow  

Diaped Duosoft PLUS

For individuals with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet.

Diaped Duosoft Therapeutic

Designed to provide cushioning, accommodation and absorbency required for the Diabetic/insensate foot.

Diaped Flux-200 Vascular Doppler with 8Mhz Probe

Pocket sized doppler for physicians, surgeons and other clinical specialists.

Diaped Lesionometer

Simple, but very useful tool for measuring lesion and ulcer size.

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand is for use with the Diaped Twin-Tip® Device

Diaped Solesee

Solesee is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions. 

Diaped Trisorb Insoles

Long lasting insoles incorporating a Plastazote top cover, PU cushioning and high quality EVA base.

Diaped Twin Tip

Dual combination diagnostic device for testing thermal discrimination and sensory perception.

Digital Non-Contact Thermometer

Non-contact clinical thermometer that measures the temperature at a specific point and at an accurate and determinate distance.