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Interpod Foot Impression Box Podiatry Chair Swann Morton Blades Ultra Fresh Disposable Gloves

Full range of professional footcare items for the busy podiatry clinic.


Autoclaves & Accessories

Autoclaves and Accessories

Blades & Handles

Surgical blades, blade removal kits and handles.

Clinic Furniture

Patient chairs, operators stools, cabinets and lamps. 

Casting Room Supplies

Casting Rooms Suppliers

Foot Creams & Lotions

Nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, and foot creams.

Diagnostic Equipment

Range of innovative diagnostic and measurement tools for foot health assessment. 

Drills & Accessories

Range of podiatric drills, domicilary equipment, lasers and electrosurgery equipment.

Gloves & Masks

Range of surgical gloves and face masks for additional protection and comfort.

Hot & Cold Therapy

An effective way to treat injuries, often used by Physiotherapists.

Hygiene Control

General consumables for single use in a busy clinic; including wipes, hand sanitiser and theatre wear.

Nippers & Instruments

Wide range of Nova and Diaped instruments, including everything required in a busy clinic.

Padding & Felts

Affordable hypoallergenic felts and foams for podiatric care.

Podotech Silicone Gels

Podiatric digit protection and insoles.

Post-Op Shoes & Splints

Innovative range of items for generalised foot support and symptom relief.

Tapes & Bandages

A range of strapping and taping products used to fix the dressing to the wound

Woundcare & Dressings

Specialist range of bandages, strappings, dressings, gauze and products for wound management.

Diabetic Footcare

A range of diabetic footcare including our Diaped Duosoft Flow insoles.

Braces & Supports

Range of knee, ankle and foo...


Pharmaceutical products. Solutions, antiseptics, syringes and needles.

Interpod Keystone

Interpod Keystone

A Supination Resistance Measuring Device that assists the practi...

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa provides shoes and appliances with a high quality lo...

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Leather Side is a thin and stretchy cow side commonl...

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Algeos bellies and bends provide superior strength firmness for...


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