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Swann Morton Stainless Steel Scalpel Handles (BSN)

Stainless steel and autoclavable scalpel handles for use with Swann Morton scalpal blades for use in podiatry.

Swann-Morton Blade Remover Box (Pack of 10) (BSN)

The Swann-Morton Blade Remover allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both No.3 and No.4 handles. Supplied sterile it allows the device to be included on the instrument tray within the OR and to be used at the site of the invasive procedure.

Swann-Morton Fine Blades (BSN)

Swann Morton Fine Range of stainless steel sterile fine surgical blades ideally suited for podiatrists.

Swann-Morton Red Carbon Steel Surgical Blades (BSN)

Swann Morton sterile carbon steel scalpel blades in packs of 100.