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Poron XRD Yellow - Abraded Both Sides (2AB)

Poron XRD abraded on both sides for enhanced bonding on both top and bottom.

Poron XRD Yellow - Abraded One Side (1AB)

Poron XRD abraded on one side for enhanced bonding.

Slimflex Berry Insoles

The Slimflex Berry is not only hard wearing and naturally absorbs shock at heel strike, but also has the possibility to allow greater foot control andc orrection when used with Podotech wedges.

Slimflex Simple - Low Density 3/4 Orthotic

Highly versatile 3/4 length low density (30 shore) EVA device.

Thermoshell Foot Orthotics

Suitable as a base for a full orthotic, and can be used with full-cover linings such as PORON®, Leather and EVA. Can create a semi-bespoke foot orthotic in minutes.