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Metatarsal Pad - Firm Rubber - High & Wide

High density pad with wide raise for broader met correction. 

Peapod Junior Heel Cup

With an attractive and vibrant design loved by children, Peapod Junior is the modern day alternative to custom made orthoses.

Podo Wedge (Shore A65)

High Density EVA material pre-cut into a wedged form, ideal for medial and lateral postings, moulded inserts and insoles.

Podotech EVA Wedge Strip (Shore A65)

Podotech® EVA wedge strips are colour coded for easy recognition. Adhesive or non-adhesive backed.

Podotech Heel Assist

Five layers of medium density EVA foam bonded together with a mild adhesive to provide quick and easy layer removal allowing the heel lift to be adjusted to the necessary height required.

Podotech M-Gel Toe Separator - Extra Large (Pack of 10)

Align and straighten toes with gentle, constant pressure. 

Podotech Peel & Stick Gel

Podotech Peel & Stick Gel is low durometer comfort gel sheet with a revolutionary adhesive backing.

Podotech Plane Simple

An educational aid designed to explain the body planes during a biomechanical assessment.

Podotech Poron & Gel - 3mm

Poron material, laminated to a polymer gel sheeting to combine the qualities of both materials.

Podotech S-Gel Met Pad with Toe Loop - Right

Absorbs shock and reduces pressure and friction associated with metatarsalgia, neuromas and subluxed met heads.

Podotech Stars Capella 3/4 Insole

Exposed bottom shell makes for easy adjustments by adding posting.  

Podotech Stars Mira Insole Size E (UK 9)

Additional EVA layer offers comfort and relief from foot pain.

Poron 4000 Grey Heel Cushions - 6mm - One Size

Available with or without adhesive backing.

S-Gel Dress Insole with Wide Met Pad

Eases pain from morton neuroma and metatarsalgia.

S-Gel Heel Cup With Cover (Pair) Size: Small

Dual durometer for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running.

S-Gel Heel Wedge (Pair) - Size: Medium

Medium dual durometer for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running.