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Podotech Heel Assist

Five layers of medium density EVA foam bonded together with a mild adhesive to provide quick and easy layer removal allowing the heel lift to be adjusted to the necessary height required.

Podotech Peel & Stick Gel

Podotech Peel & Stick Gel is low durometer comfort gel sheet with a revolutionary adhesive backing.

Podotech Plane Simple

An educational aid designed to explain the body planes during a biomechanical assessment.

Podotech Poron & Gel - 3mm

Poron material, laminated to a polymer gel sheeting to combine the qualities of both materials.

Poron 4000 Grey Heel Cushions - 6mm - One Size

Available with or without adhesive backing.

S-Gel Dress Insole with Wide Met Pad

Eases pain from morton neuroma and metatarsalgia.

S-Gel With Soft Reliefs and Cover

Corrective product for relieving heel pain and improving stability while redistributing pressure.

Slimflex Amber Insoles

A contoured EVA insole with a high density EVA stabiliser, a deeper heel cup and a high longitudinal arch to provide increased support for greater functional control.

Slimflex Berry Insoles

The Slimflex Berry is not only hard wearing and naturally absorbs shock at heel strike, but also has the possibility to allow greater foot control andc orrection when used with Podotech wedges.

Slimflex Carbon Insoles

An EVA insole with a quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material and a carbon composite base that provides additional functional support.

Slimflex EVA Moulded

Basic white EVA insole with soft grey towelling cover.

Slimflex Green

Strengthened green EVA insole that provides increased support around the arch and heel areas.

Thermoshell Foot Orthotics

Suitable as a base for a full orthotic, and can be used with full-cover linings such as PORON®, Leather and EVA. Can create a semi-bespoke foot orthotic in minutes.

Thermoshell Hotop

Heat resistant pad can be used as interface between foot and hot orthotic when heating and moulding orthotic blanks.  

Wedge Heels

Evalon wedged heels for rear foot posts. Adhesive or non-adhesive backed.