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Physioworx Hand Therapy Eggs

For strengthening weakened or injured hands, fingers, wrists and arm muscles.

Physioworx Latex Free Resistance Band 1.2m

Most commonly prescribed exercise for rehabilitation, conditioning and strength training.

Physioworx Latex Free Resistance Tube 1.2m

Versatile, light-weight, compact, durable and long lasting.  

Physioworx Trapezoid Balance Beam

The Trapeziod balance beam improves lower and upper body stabilisation and co-ordindation.

EVA Foam Rollers

The Foam Roller is manufactured from high-density EVA and ideal for a wide range of core strength and stabilising exercises.

Hot & Cold Screw Top Bag

Ideal for use on all injuries that require hot or cold therapy.

Paediatric Balance Rope 2m

Ideal for children trying to enhance and improve their sense of stability and balance in a fun way.

Paediatric Rehab River Track

River provides unlimited possibilities for building balance paths.

Physioworx 2 in 1 Balance Board

Can help retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sporting exercise.

Physioworx Adjustable Hand Grippers

Adjustable Hand Grips are designed for use in the later stages of rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Physioworx Ankle/Wrist Weights

Using ankle and wrist weights is a practical way to get more out of a walking exercise.

Physioworx Anti-burst Gym Ball

The Physioworx exercise gym ball is very popular and has become a common feature of physiotherapy clinics, fitness centres and general home exercise.

Physioworx Balance Dome

Great tool for strengthening the legs, ankles and core muscles.

Physioworx Balance Pods

Improve core strength and agility with these Physioworx Balance Pods.

Physioworx Black EPP Exercise Rollers

The EPP roller can help improve stability, flexibility and is great for balance training.

Physioworx Club EAB

A high twist, cotton elastic cloth which is a Zinc-oxide and latex-free based adhesive.

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