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Nova Avon Stool

5 castor base provides maximum stability and manoeuvrability. Comfortable 40cm diameter seat.

Nova Eden II Podiatry Chair

Electric and hydraulic podiatry chair with 3 motors and improved upholstery.

NOVA Mandrels & Abrasive Caps

Nova Mandrels & Abrasive caps are made from Aluminium Oxide.

Nova Medway Stool

3 function stool - adjust the seat height, back rest and seat tilt.

Nova Nene Saddle Stool with Back Rest

Ergonomic seat designed to provide better posture when sitting. Also comes with a back rest for additional support.

Nova Precision A300xp Dust Extraction Drill

Innovative features, with a modern user-friendly design.

Nova Precision A500 Podiatry Drill

Powerful suction capabilities, lightweight design and low noise levels. Ideal for use both in clinic and on domiciliary visits.

Nova Tamar Saddle Stool

Saddle style stool, designed to improve the clinician’s posture.

Nova Tractograph

Used in biomechanics to measure joint range of motion: inversion and eversion. 180 degree measurement range.

Nova Trent Clinician Stool

A cost effective comfortable flat top stool.

Nova Trent Clinician Stool - Turquoise (IMAGE IS WRONG COLOUR)

Cost effective comfortable flat top stool.

Nova Trolley

A practical storage option for all your clinic equipment and accessories.

Podotech Poron & Gel - 3mm

Poron material, laminated to a polymer gel sheeting to combine the qualities of both materials.

Replacement Filter for all PODOLOG NOVA Podiatry Drills (3 per pkt)

IFA-compliant textured deep filter - this gives you the security that even the finest particles are caught by the structured inner walls and cannot escape. 


Designed from the outset to meet the highest standards of safety for the podiatrist and the patient.