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ICB 2/3 Multicolour

ICB Multicolour is designed for kids young feet.

ICB 2/3 Multicolour High Flange

The Children’s High Flange Orthotic is particularly useful when treating children with Hypermobility & mild Cerebral Palsy.

ICB Firm Density Orthotic

ICB Firm Density Orthotics are specially designed to treat patients with severe pronation and its effects.

ICB High Heel 2/3 Orthotic

The ICB High Heel Orthotic is a mid density EVA, with a black taibrelle top cover.

ICB Mid Density

ICB Mid Density Insoles are specially designed to suit the standard patient who exhibits medium pronation.

ICB Orthotic Slides

Slides with an intrinsic rearfoot support angle, coupled with an arch contour, to assist in reducing excessive pronation.  

ICB Soft Density

Specially designed for mild pronation, suitable for Diabetics, Geriatrics (including Arthritis sufferers).

ICB Sports Dual Density

ICB’s patented Dual Density Heat Moulding Orthotics are made of 100% EVA. The two densities provide an integrated support and comfort system.

SwissFile Mandrels & Abrasive Caps

A range of mandrels and caps for use with swiss file and podiatry drills.