Voxelcare 3D Laser Foambox Scanner


Voxelcare 3D Laser Foambox Scanner  

Reference : VX0016
Product Features:
The 3D Laser Foambox Scanner is light-weight (15kg) and has a scanning time of less than 10 seconds. 
The 3D is highly accurate (0.25mm) and is always up-to-date with the latest software because of the direct online updates. 
Crucially, all data is online stored, backed up and secured on your software account. 

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The 3D Laser Foambox Scanner provides an efficient and powerful scanning tool as the basis for the production of high quality orthotics. Combines the best quality output with the benefits of being online, making it an unique system to capture data of foamboxes, casts, moulds, orthotics and other objects.
Directly see your scan result in the integrated online scanning software and start designing with the online insole design software. Directly from any location and (mobile)device. 


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