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Physioworx Needle Pump

Hand pump with plastic nozzle and needle pin attachment.

Physioworx Neoprene Dumbbells

These physioworks dumbbells are a brilliant way to work out upper body, improving muscle tone and definition.

Physioworx No Split Foil Instant Ice Pack - 18cm x 11cm

Commonly used immediately after exercising or after incurring an injury.

Physioworx Oval Balance Pads

Provides more of a challenge for balance therapy than the standard balance pad, due to the reduced surface size.

Physioworx Pilates Ball

The pilates ball offers a wide range of balance, stability and is a core function product for fitness and rehabilitation.

Physioworx Rip Cohesive Tape

An easily tearable tape which adheres to itself, meaning no pins or clips are needed. Soft yet strong fabric.

Physioworx Rip Cohesive Tape (Cotton/Latex FREE)

An easily tearable tape which adheres to itself, meaning no pins or clips are needed. Soft yet strong fabric.

Physioworx Roller Ball Massager - 2 Balls

Helps relieve tension, stimulate blood circulation and can make the patient feel more relaxed.

Physioworx Soft Spiky Inflated Massage Balls

Soft PVC massage balls with the addition of small nodules for deeper tissue stimulation.

Physioworx Speed Reaction Balls

Designed to improve hand/eye co-ordination, speed agility and reaction.

Physioworx Sports Kinesiology Tape

The Physioworx Sports Kinesiology Tape provides strong support for active joints and muscles.

Physioworx Square Balance Pad

Challenge your core control, balance and posture with this soft, multidirectional foam pad.

Physioworx Stretch Board

The popular Physioworx Stretch Board helps make legs sturdy and strong while improving the flexibility and elasticity of your muscles.

Physioworx Tear EAB

A lightweight elastic adhesive bandage made from a cotton and spandex.

Physioworx Tone Loops

High quality latex exercise bands that is a continuous loop and is used in specific rehabilitation and training.  Using the tone loop will increase your muscle strength, stamina and co-ordination.

Physioworx Vibration Pole

A cost effective method for adding the benefits of vibration training to your workouts and injury rehabilitation.