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Medstock 1m Fixer Fabric Roll

Specifically made for the Pharmacy Channel, the Medstock Fixer is a non-woven roll that is made from spun lace non-woven fabric, coated with a medical acrylic adhesive. It is conveniently packaged in 1m packs for the pharmacy customer.

Medstock Crepe - Light Crepe Bandage with Elastic Clips

Medstock crepe bandages are made from 100% cotton material which provide comfortable support and gentle, uniform compression

Medstock Fabric Island Dressing

Medstock Fabric Island is made of spunlace non-woven fabric coated with special medical acrylic adhesive and a fabric absorption pad.

Medstock Fabric Roll Fixer Bandage

Medstock Beige Fixer is a non-woven roll that is made from spunlace non-woven fabric, coated with a medical acrylic adhesive. It can be cut into different sizes to fix medical dressings.

Medstock Film - Polyurethane Film 10cm x 10m

Medstock Film is a transparent highly permeable adhesive polyurethane film.    

Medstock Gauze Swabs

Medstock Gauze swabs are made from 100% pure cotton and widely used to clean and cover minor wounds to absorb secretion and to treat secondary healing wounds.

Medstock Hydro

Medstock Hydro is a elastic, hydrocolloid dressing made of pressure sensitive adhesive and carboxymethyl cellulose hydrophilic granules.

Medstock Micro Tape

Medstock Micro is a non-woven fabric tape with a medical acryllic adhesive

Medstock Non-Stick Pad

Medstock Non-Stick Pad is a low adherant dressing made from 70% viscose and 30% polyester. It consistrs of an absorbent pad with a heat laminated polyester film on one side.

Medstock Silicone Foam Dressing With Border

Medstock Silicone Foam with Border consists of an absorbent retention layer and a highly absorbent foam pad. This is placed between a perforated soft silicone coated polyurethane film and a highly permeable waterproof outer polyurethane film.

Medstock Super Absorbent Dressing

A conforming negative pressure dressing that offers excellent absorbency in moderate to very high exudative wounds.

Medstock Transparent Island Dressing

Medstock Transparent Island Dressing is a sterile, highly permeable polyurethane film coated dressing with a medical acrylic adhesive and fabric pad.

Medstock Waterproof Transparent Island Dressing

Medstock Transparent Foam Island Dressing consists of a highly absorbent foam pad that contains carboxymethyl cellulose hydrophylic granules that contribute to wound healing. This is placed under a highly permeable waterproof polyurethane film.

Universal Gel Strap Covered

Available with the gel pad covered or uncovered. This product is washable and reusable. Product Features and Benefits: •  Comfortable elastic sleeve with anatomically designed gel pad to cover all five metatarsal heads. •  Reduces pain and discomfort in the forefoo...