LAFOMED Premium B Class Autoclave


LAFOMED Premium B Class Autoclave 

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The LAFOMED Premium range of autoclaves are designed for safety, reliability and return on investment for your practice. Their goal is to lower the costs associated to sterilisation and to make the process easy and trouble free.
- Best return on investment in the industry (Low initial cost & guaranteed reliability & service)
- Low cost serving and running costs
- Robust & Quality Build
- Class B autoclave making it suitable for use on hollow instruments and multiple wrapping, highest
   level of sterilisation
- Class B autoclaves meet the most stringent requirements and are suitable for all types hollow instruments
   and dental hand pieces as well as multiple wrapped packs
- 8 Preset Sterilisation Cycles including user customised cycles that can be tailored to your preference
   eg: express cycle or large load extended drying 
- LCD screen for easy observation of cycle temperature, pressure and time
- Printer and USB Output for Data storage and Data uploads
- Automatic self cleaning cycle
- German brand best in class Thomas Pumps and high grade stainless steel chamber
- Adjustable sterilisation settings custom preset
- B&D / Helix / Vacuum Test
- Purchase outright or finance your purchase through our partners 
- LAFOMED Autoclave with the best in class German Thomas Pump
- USB Reader Port for digital cycle data storage that can be easily saved on your PC or MAC
- Thermal Printer 
- 3 Trays
- 5 Rolls Thermal Printer Paper
- 2 Year Warranty 
- Finance options are available if preferred to improve cashflow
- 2 years manufacturers warranty
Class: B
Wattage: 2.4 KW
Sterilisation Temperature : 121℃ - 134℃
Volume: 12L, 18L, 23L
Screen Type: LCD
Net Weight: 55kg
Product Size (mm): 650 x 500 x 430 (23L)


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