Tubipad Padded Tubular Bandage


Tubipad Padded Tubular Bandage 

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Tubipad is manufactured from a layer of polyurethane foam bonded to a length of Tubigrip tubular elasticated bandage. The soft inner layer minimises pressure and friction on the skin, while the outer Tubigrip layer holds the Tubipad securely and comfortably in position.

The tubular construction ensures that Tubipad is easy to apply and remove. Tubipad sacral bandages feature ‘touch and close’ fasteners to make application and removal easier for both nurse and patient.

Areas of use

Tubipad is a range of limb and sacral bandages intended to help prevent pressure and friction sores on heels, elbows, knees and the sacral region.

Benefits of tubipad

- Minimises friction and pressure on the skin
- Remains securely in place without tapes or pins
- Easy to apply and remove
- Available in a range of sizes for specific applications
- Convenient and practical
- Washable and reusable

Material properties

- Polyurethane foam
- Elasticated support bandage consisting of:
- Cotton
- Elastodiene (contains natural rubber latex)
- Polyamide
- Built-in ‘touch close’ fasteners (Sacral only)

SMALL : small heels or elbows.


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