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Foot Creams & Lotions


Eulactol Heel Balms

Eulactol Heel Balm is Australasia's number one Heel Balm, and is specially formulated...

Athletes Foot Creams & Sprays

A range of creams and sprays to help treat althletes foot.

Callusan Foot Mousse

A range of mousse products developed to solve common skin without clogging pores.

CCS Foot Cream

Effective moisturisers and balms ideal for maintaining the condition of the skin on your feet.


A skin care range that contains OPAL A- a highly active extract of the Carica Papaya.  The range includes ...

A comprehensive range of pharmacy preparations including, nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, disinfection solutions, and foot creams.

The sale of certain pharmaceutical products are subject to the following classifications and are highlighted throughout the pharmacy section:

General Sales List (GSL): A product which can be sold to members of the General Public.

Pharmaceutical Products (P): These products can NOT be sold to members of the General Public. However, they may be used by HPC Registered Practitioners to treat their patients.

Prescription Only Medicine (POM): These products can not be sold ‘over the counter’ to members of the public and may only be sold to HPC Registered Practitioners who are listed on the register as having a LA (Local Anaesthetic) licence.

Interpod Keystone

Interpod Keystone

A Supination Resistance Measuring Device that assists the practi...

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa provides shoes and appliances with a high quality lo...

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Leather Side is a thin and stretchy cow side commonl...

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Algeos bellies and bends provide superior strength firmness for...