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Orthotics & Insoles


Slimflex Orthotic Insoles

Range of neutral moulded insoles. Cost effective orthotic solution popular with all practitioners.

Interpod Foot Orthotics

Corrective preform orthoses. Available in both soft and flex (polyproplene) designs.

Paediatric Orthotics

Orthotic solutions and insoles designed specifically for children.

Diabetic Insoles

Items designed specifically for Diabetic and Rheumatoid off-loading.

ICB Insoles

ICB Orthotics are designed to be professionally fitted by Podiatrists or similiar Healthcare Specialists.

Pre-Cut Poron Insoles

Cushioning insoles for general comfort during everyday use.

Orthotic Blanks

Unfinished foot orthotics and insole blanks ready to be bespoke adjusted.

Orthotic Components

Heel Raises, Met Pads & Heel Lifts

The largest selection of foot orthoses, insoles and orthotic components.

Algeos Podiatry offer a huge range of orthoses, insoles and components, offering the clinician an array of options when it comes to treating patients with biomechanical-related conditions.

Our orthoses range from simple, cost-effective flat-bed insoles to economical pre-fabricated orthoses that offer the closest alternative to custom-made devices. Our Podotech wedges and components complement the ranges, offering the clinician with endless opportunities for customisation.

Interpod Keystone

Interpod Keystone

A Supination Resistance Measuring Device that assists the practi...

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa

Sheep Nappa provides shoes and appliances with a high quality lo...

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Side Leather

Orthopaedic Leather Side is a thin and stretchy cow side commonl...

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Box Calf Shins - Half Cow

Algeos bellies and bends provide superior strength firmness for...